Make Your Home Sale-able – Small Changes Big Effect

For a home owner it can be really frustrating to wait days after days for a party to make a great offer to buy the house that they have been meaning to sell for a long time. Ever wondered why your house isn’t getting the value it deserves? There can be many reasons, but one specific reason is that the property you have been trying to sell is not well maintained and taken cared off.

The basic idea is simple enough though, a few little touch-ups here and there, places that are the most visible. This at least helps to create a positive first impression. But only painting the exteriors to attract potential customers, isn’t going to do the trick. You need to dig a little deeper than that.

Let us share 7 easy-to-follow tips to get your house sold fast and with great price!


First Impression Matters

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To get the prospective buyer’s knock on your door, paint well, thoroughly. Then comes your entrance hall from where the buyer will get the initial glimpse of your entire house. Paint your foyer with a warm welcoming colours. This will help you create a fabulous first impression!


Give Your Baths and Kitchen Some Extra Love


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Well it’s your kitchen and baths that receive the maximum amount of scrutiny while the inspection! So give these rooms some extra attention. Clean up the walls, remove food stains and remedy water spots by applying some primer and a coat of touch-up paint. To make your kitchen appear bigger, paint it with very light colours. For more in depth kitchen renovation you can take a look at this article 12 Ways to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel.


Clean Up the Frequently Touched Places

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You know those areas. The door-frames and door edges, window frames, and the walls around your light switches, scrutinize these places, if the areas are smudged or dirty, you may be able to clean them if you have used a glossier paint; if that doesn’t work, then do touch-ups. It’s important, darker spots on otherwise clean walls are the worst things ever!


Don’t Forget the Door-knobs and Cabinets

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Take the same approach for your kitchen cabinets and door knobs. Clear all the finger prints and dirt off of them. Apply a coat of paint if needed. Your goal is to make your kitchen spotless!


The Windowsills Needs to be Clean

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If any of your window serves a great view and you expect to ‘woo’ the prospects with that view make sure your windowsills are properly cleaned and painted. So Sand, prime, and paint any sill where people may delay their tour.


Ceilings Smudged With Spots Is Never a Good Sign

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So you have cross checked all the above mentioned criteria and are all set to invite the potential buyers inside! But wait, look up, is your ceiling alright? Any red marks or water stain caused by dampness can be a huge turn off for the buyers. So prep your ceilings with necessary prime and painting.


A Final Look at All the Wood-works


Now you are all set. Finish your renovation project by observing every remaining section of the wall and woodwork, looking for stray flecks of paint as well as other marks and stains. Conceal them all with some coat of paint.

Get a clear look at your house You know your home better, seize the flaws of it, make a plan and find an experienced and trustworthy painting service provider to do the painting and touch-ups for you.